What we do


We are ready to work on solutions to the hardest technical challenges.
From initial requirements to production support, we can handle the entire development cycle and everything in between.


We provide software solutions for your business problems.

Open Source

Open source provides a solid foundation for our work, and we strive to pay back as much as we can. We have contributed to numerous projects over the years.

Who We Are

Technovendors is a India-based team of software engineers.

We are experts in modern reactive web. We apply cutting edge technology to build great applications and backends that power them.

We helped startups companies: Landspotter, Yourdreamstores as well as many smaller firms.

Our core tools are Node.js, PHP and Python, yet our team are full-stack generalists well versed in a wide variety of technologies

How Can We Help?

Need a web app? A mobile app? An Chatbot?
Or cloud administration? Or something else?